Trust wallet launches Browser Extension and Integrates with Binance

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Trust wallet is a US founded self-custody crypto wallet that has been around since Nov 2017 and was acquired by Binance in 2018.

With the current pandemonium in the crypto space due to the recent collapse of one of the biggest crypto exchanges known as FTX, traditional banks and financial institutions are beginning to draw back on any thing that has to do with cryptocurrency transactions and investments.

It is due to this development that Trust wallet has come to rescue the day with its new browser extension.

Just within the period of a week the company has shipped it new extension and also integrated it with Binance.

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With this extension, users will be able to easily transfer funds to a Trust wallet account seamlessly.

As at the launch date of 14/11/2022 the browser extension was made available to Google chrome and Opera browsers Users.

This will enable one to easily store, send and receive crypto assets across Solana and EVM chains.

With this extension there will be no need to manually add network because it has the ability to autodetect the required network for any transaction to enable a seamless dApp experience.

And yes it, the extension also supports multi-wallets, NFT ad fiat on-ramp providers, non-EVM blockchain integrations and also hard wallet support.

So, if you already make use of Binance, now you won’t have to always scan or input your withdrawal options because it will now be seamless and at no additional cost other than the normal gas fees.