Twitter apologizes after it misrepresented a part of India as China in a map


Twitter apologizes after it showed Jammu and Kashmir as part of People’s Republic of China, hen India maintained that it was an integral and inalienable parts of India governed by the constitution of India.

The apology was spurred after the IT secretary Ajay Sawhney in a letter warned Twitter that it not only brings down the country’s sovereignty but also raises questions on twitter’s neutrality and fairness.

Twitter spokesman who acknowledged the letter was noted to have said that “Twitter remains committed to working with the Government of India. we respect the sensitivities involved and have duly acknowledged the letter”

The gravity of the occurrence is very heavy, because at the moment there had been a 7th level of military commander talks between China and India at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) over ‘de-escalation and disengagement’ as the two countries battles for border control.

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