Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sued for $1 billion by Adamu Garba

Adamu Garba sues Twitter boss Jack Dorsey for $1 billion.

This is coming on the hills of Jack being in solidarity with the Nigerian youths as they asked the government to ends a special police unit SARS.

Jack had earlier on in a tweet posted #ENDSARS hastag which for a greater part of last week was trending at the top on twitter.

Having noticed the consistent trend, the Bitcoin investor and Square founder decided to show solidarity and support by also asking those who can to support the Nigerian youths through bitcoin.

He retweeted a post from techcabal and the Washington post, which he supposedly would have read to have an insight on the happenings.

Jack from all indications going from what was analysed on techcabal could have only developed the interest to support, because the articles highlighted how the ongoing SARS brutality is affecting the Tech community, a sector that has a direct impact on the industry he specialises.

A lot of young Nigerian are looping into the tech trends and thus developers and Venture Capitalists is beginning to boom in the country.

Just recently, Stripe a global payment giant acquired a Nigerian Fintech Paystack, that is to show you that the world is already recognizing the Nigerian tech community and it’s potential.

However, Adamu in his suit is saying that Jacks support is in violation of global acceptable process, accusing him of middling into matters that threatens the democratic settings of Nigeria.

Many Nigerians have called for him to recind the suit, but he has his eyes on the prize of $1b which he says that anyone who loves Nigeria should be happy that he is trying to get money for the damages caused by the #EndSARS protest in the country.

He is insinuating that the act is very common amongts countries like the US who always finds a way to create instability in the African states.

Garba also in his submission is requiring that Jack sets up shop in Nigeria, employ Nigerian and pay taxes in Nigeria, and also tender a public apology to Nigerian.

We keep our fingers cross and see how this suit plays out.

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