UK Universities suspends face-to-face teaching amidst the rising cases of coronavirus


In the quest to control coronavirus in the UK, schools are beginning to adopt the online lesson model , thereby suspending face to face teaching.

Different schools have reported cases of the coronavirus , totaling about 40 universities around the UK, and students are already isolating as the term begins.

Following the cases, the University of Aberystwyth has suspended face-to-face teaching and lessons are to be delivered online.

Labour is calling for the government to consider pausing the return of students to universities, so as to reduce the risk of another COVID-19 outbreak

Among the Universities already affected includes:

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Manchester Metropolitan 

Queen’s University Belfast

Glasgow University 

The University of Exeter

The issue of rebates for student fees is already gaining momentum, the argument been that even though the students have spent quite a substantial amount of money, that they are not using their accommodations or even getting the education they had hoped and paid for.

Nicola Dandridge, of the Office for Students, told BBC Radio 4 “If students feel they are not getting what was offered to them then they absolutely should raise that with their university and they also have the right to complain to the university ombudsman.”

Joe Ward who is a student at Manchester Metropolitan University told BBC News that “If I was made aware that this is how things would be and things would only be online then I definitely would have reconsidered going to university this year.”

I think the the situation is new to schools and student as well. Thus, they might not have all the ideas as to how to handle the matter as it will please everyone, but hopefully they will learn and adapt very quickly, because students are beginning to share their dissatisfaction about the whole issue.

What do you think about the students been told to stay back in school and yet to take classes online, when actually they could also stay at home and do the same?

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