US Capitol Hill attack : cause, escapes, violence and deaths

Four people have been reported dead, as a result of the US Capitol Hill violent clash between the police and Trump supporters.

The riot was said to erupt as the President Trump’s supporters stormed US Capitol Hill building to distrupt the electoral count.

The count is meant to certify that the former vice President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

Trump on Wednesday during his speech had continued to reject the outcome of the elections citing mass corruption and he has refused and will not concede to a fraudulent and rigged election.

His statement is said to have further incited his supporters who stormed the US Capitol Hill building in violence.

President Trump’s social media handles has been banned for 24 hours by both Twitter and Facebook including Instagram on the premise that it is been used to incite violence that is leading to crimes and mass civil unrest.

The US senators having a sitting during the protest where promptly escorted out the US Capitol hill through a different exit to avoid being harmed by the protesters.

The President-Elect Joe Biden has called on Trump to go on national TV and address his supporters to desist from the violence.

In response the President has since done so, but he is still criticized for continually saying that the election was rigged and fraudulently taken away from him and his supporters.

Former President Barrack Obama, India PM Narendra Modi and different world leaders have gone on to condemn the violence and asked for a peaceful transition of government.

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