Why Facebook removed over 6500 militia groups/pages within a month


Brian Fishman, Director of Counterterrorism and Dangerous Organizations at Facebook said that the company has taken down over 6500 militia groups and pages within the course of a month. 

He said in a recent tweet that; Based on intel provided by the @FBI, last night we removed approximately 130 accounts that appeared to originate in Iran. They were attempting to disrupt the public conversation during the first 2020 US Presidential Debate.

I know folks are also curious about the new Militarized Social Movements policy announced on Aug 19. Bottom line: we’ve identified more than 300 groups under this policy and removed more than 6500 Groups/Pages btw 8/19 and 9/15.

Since President Trump’s comments during last night’s debate we see an uptick on FB in content related to the Proud Boys including memes featuring his “Stand down, stand by” language. At this point, much of this content condemns the PBs & President Trump’s comments about them.

Does this mean the problem is solved? No, it does not mean that. There are still gaps and bad actors are always adapting techniques. We find many of these, but researchers and journalists sometimes identify those gaps first. I know you won’t be shy about pointing them out.

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