Will Polestar Precept clear Tesla out of business in 2021?

polestar precept

Polestar is a Chinese  auto company, which is jointly owned by Volvo and Geely, the company recently started delivering the Polestar 2, its electric sedan powered by Android Automotive to customers in Europe and North America, and is in process of starting of the polestar precept.

In its recent announcement , it has said that it will be going into production by February 2021 for it newest concept car the Polestar Precept. It is expected to be built in china but made available in the US

“The public said, ‘We want it,’ so we decided to build it. Consumers want to see change from this industry, not just dreams,” said CEO Thomas Ingenlath,

The Precept also has a sleeker, more original look than the Polestar 2, which was based on the Volvo Concept 40.2. and the grille is filled with camera and sensors.

Giving the eco-friendly EV design the company is bring to the market, one may begin to wonder what opposition Tesla will be facing in the near future, and can they put Tesla out of business by racking up the EV market share? 

I hope they don’t, but only time will tell.

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