Woman takes 5 bullets to protect her 3 children

criminal with a gun

Woman takes 5 bullets to protect her 3 children, thank God she survived.

A Florida woman, Diamond Ware, 24, has shown what bravery and mothers love looks like when she put her own life on the line to protect her kids.

Diamond leaned over her back seat to shield her three young children from taking a bullet when gunmen approached her car at red light in West Palm Beach, south Florida.

She ended up receiving five bullets in the course of the shooting, but she is still a breathing and her three children ages 7, 3 and 1 where all unharmed.

Demetrius McDonald, who was driving told the police that he was driving his family around 4:30 pm when the incident happened, he also sustained gunshot injuries during the shooting, while their blue Hyundai Sonata was defaced with bullet holes.

According to a police statement, McDonald said that three men which he did not recognize got out of a nearby car and opened fire on them, and because he had a gun too, he fired back before speeding away toward his home.

She was later taken to the hospital where she received emergency surgery, while McDonald was treated of the bullet wounds to the left side of his neck

Tydarius Tavon Adderly, 20, was latter picked out of a photo line up at the hospital by Ware, after a woman told the police that she saw a white Malibu drive by about three times, when they were in the store just before the shooting.

Adderly has been booked on five charges of attempted murder and a charge of child neglect at the Palm Beach County Jail, the other gun men wore face masks and are still be sought out.

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