A 78-years-old man who married a girl of 17 just got a divorce

A 78-years-old man who married a girl of 17 just got a divorce.

A man of 78 who thought it amusing and good enough to marry a minor in her teens has quickly found out his mistake.

The wedding which was took place just last month, didn’t even last up to a month before being dissolved.

According to reports, the union only lasted for about 22 days before they called it quits by filling for divorce last week.

The family of the bride was said to be in shock when the new husband sent a letter of divorce to the wife and her family.

Man accused of forcibly converting and marrying 13-year-old girl has been arrested

The girl’s family has however insisted that they didn’t find any problems with the union and as such are still suprised with the development.

Even though early-marriages or marriages with minors is been frowned upon globally, so many people and cultures in Asia still persists in keeping the culture.

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