• Osun State Governor Sen. Ademola Adeleke sacks 3 traditional rulers and many others
    The newly inaugurated Osun state Governor Senator Ademola Adeleke has upon resumption of work dethroned three traditional rulers in the state. In additional to this new development, he has also nullified 30 permanent secretaries and sacked about 12,000 workers within this short period. According to The Guardian, a statement by the Chief Press Secretary of […]
  • Trust wallet launches Browser Extension and Integrates with Binance
    Trust wallet is a US founded self-custody crypto wallet that has been around since Nov 2017 and was acquired by Binance in 2018. With the current pandemonium in the crypto space due to the recent collapse of one of the biggest crypto exchanges known as FTX, traditional banks and financial institutions are beginning to draw […]
  • Crypto: You can now make deposits in Naira on Binance
    The biggest crypto exchange in the world Binance has announced that it now allows Naira deposits on the platform.
  • Tesla Full Self Driving reactions by Tesla raj
    Tesla Full Self Driving will be a game changer in the Automotive industry. Tesla has often faced criticism for its Full Self Driving autonomous technology, as many says it’s taking it a long time to deliver. Infact some have even said it couldn’t deliver, as other EV companies seems to be doing much better because […]
  • OMAA Global Launches alternative fuel vehicles in Nigeria
    OMAA Global has launched a range of mini buses that can either be powered by PMS, CNG or LNG. According to AllAfrica, the founder of OMAA Chinedu Oguegbu said “The journey did not start today having been in the automotive industry for almost 20 years working with global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from France to […]
  • A flying car just made it’s first flight rounds in Slovakia
    A flying car just made it’s first flight rounds in Slovakia. A car capable of transforming into an actual airplane has taken its first test flight in Slovakia. The transformation of the new air/land vehicle is said to happen in three minutes after startoff. During the test flight the Flying Car flew to 1500 feet […]