19 Apr, 2024

Unlocking the Ancient Secrets of Nilavanti Granth

Step back in time and unlock the hidden wisdom of the Nilavanti Granth, an ancient manuscript that holds the secrets to a mystical past. This captivating text, written in Sanskrit, has intrigued scholars and spiritual seekers for centuries.  In this article, we will embark on a journey of discovery, unraveling the enigmatic teachings and profound […]

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Why Diana Became a Princess Upon Marriage to Prince Charles, While Kate Did Not Upon Marrying Prince William

Why Diana Became a Princess Upon Marriage to Prince Charles, While Kate Did Not Upon Marrying Prince William The British royal family has long been a subject of fascination and intrigue, with each member’s title and position carefully scrutinized by the public. One such topic of interest is the distinction between Princess Diana’s title upon […]

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How Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning Monarch of England

The longest-reigning queen of England was Queen Elizabeth II, who spent 70 years and 7 months ruling the United Kingdom, making her reign the longest in British history Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years and 216 days before passing the record to Queen Elizabeth II, who surpassed her reign on September 9, 2015 The longest-reigning […]

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Who was the first king of England?

The first king of England was Athelstan, who was also the king of Wessex. He became the first king of all England and was known for his effective rule over the whole country. Athelstan was the son of King Edward the Elder and reigned from 924 to 939.  He was crowned as king of the […]

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The Full List Of All The Kings And Queens Of England Since Inception

Listing all the kings and queens of England since its inception would be a long list, but I will do my best to provide it and also a highlight of the years of their reign, some of their major achievements, personal life, and some notable accomplishments within their reigns.  Note that the history of England’s […]

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Migingo Island: The most densely populated island in the world

Migingo Island is a small, densely populated island in Lake Victoria, located at the border between Kenya and Uganda. It has been a subject of dispute between the two countries due to its rich fishing grounds and unclear territorial boundaries. The island is home to around 131 fishing structures ( according to 2009 census) and […]

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Brad Lewis Daring Rescue Leaves Him with Serious Injuries After Saving Son

In August 2018, Brad Lewis, a Sydney-based father of two, demonstrated the depths of a parent’s love by saving his eight-year-old son, Oscar, from a potentially fatal fall from a balcony.  The incident occurred when Brad Lewis and Oscar were playing with a Nerf gun at a friend’s house. As they were enjoying their game, […]

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