The Eagle that attempted to hatch a rock

Murphy, a disabled Bald Eagle became famous after he attempted to hatch a rock. In 2023 the keepers of his sanctuary replaced his rock with an orphaned eaglet, allowing Murphy to finally become a real parent Murphy, a resident of the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri, has lived there for most of his […]

The Day Tesla FSD saved a die man

My Crazy True Story On April 1st, Tesla unlocked Full Self-Driving capability for all Tesla vehicles in America. In a moment of dire need, at 2:00 am the following morning, I found myself grappling with severe dehydration and a blood glucose level of 670 due to a malfunction in my insulin pump. With no time […]

Story of the $20m mansion built on top of Kingfisher Towers

This magnificent 20 million dollar mansion in India was built on top of Kingfisher Towers in Bengaluru. Sprawled over 40,000 square feet, the home has two stories, with an incredible 360-degree view over the city. To enjoy the view, the home is surrounded by an open deck and boasts an infinity pool, too. And for […]

How Insulin started saving lives

In 1922, a team of scientists visited Toronto General Hospital, where wards housed numerous diabetic children. Many of these children were in a comatose state and on the brink of death due to diabetic ketoacidosis. As a result of the amount of deaths, scientists moved swiftly and proceeded to inject the children with a new […]