Why women are triggered when virginity is mentioned

A Twitter user known as @drpenking has recently described how he feels about society acceptance of virginity.

In his long Twitter thread he talked about how women that has been able to keep their virginity for a longer time are been ridiculed and even in some cases shamed for doing so.

Maintaining ones virginity until marriage is a choice that many adult women have had a though luck on.

However, the current day women may choose to talk down on the ability of a lady to keep her chaste , it is most times coming from those who couldn’t survive the task of chastity.

According to him, if you can’t applaud a woman who decided to keep her chastity, then at least don’t criticize her.

check his thread below;

Some women feel so triggered whenever virginity is mentioned but deep down they wish they still had theirs. They try so hard to make it seem like it’s no big deal and should not be celebrated. They try to make it seem like those who still have theirs don’t deserve any respect.

No matter how you want to look at it; No matter how depraved the society has become, virginity is still a thing of pride for any woman. Do you know the level of self control it requires to keep your hymen intact in this world where every single thing has a sexual undertone?

Music, Movies, Books, Advertisement, Comedy. Every single thing is themed to arouse people sexually and someone manages to keep her hymen intact?unbridged? And you feel she doesn’t deserve some respect? She destiny deserve honor? You even go a step forward to try to shame her?

Do you know that virgin women lose a lot of men they genuinely loved because the men couldn’t come to terms with their terms and conditions? Do you know many of them lose life changing favours and partners?

If you can’t applaud a woman who chose to be chaste. The least you can do is keep quiet. Don’t try to shame her for having what you low key wish you still had. That does not only make you a hypocrite. That makes you a witch and a witch never prospers in life.


Well, what do you think about his take on this subject?

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