04 Mar, 2024

How Karol G’s Private Jet escaped crashing by making an Emergency Landing

Karol G’s Private Jet Makes Emergency Landing in California Karol G’s private jet had to make an emergency landing at the Van Nuys Airport in California due to a fire in the cockpit. The incident occurred shortly after departing from Burbank Airport, with 16 passengers on board. Emergency crews met the group upon landing, and […]

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You won’t believe why a 99yrs old man divorced his wife of 96yrs

The news about the 99-year-old man divorcing his 96-year-old wife due to a 1940s affair has gained attention. The Italian man, identified as Antonio C., filed for divorce from his wife, Rosa C., after discovering love letters from an affair she had over 60 years ago. Despite their nearly eight-decade-long marriage, the discovery of these […]

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C. Ronaldo Introduces the URSU9 alkaline mineral water to the UK

Cristiano Ronaldo has just announced through his social media handles, making it know that the URSU9 alkaline mineral water is now available in the UK The qualities of the URSU9 Alkaline Mineral Water URSU9 is a brand of alkaline mineral water known for its original purity and alkaline properties. Here are some key details about […]

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Nigerian Gov’t fines Binance $10B?

Nigerian government fines Binance $10B over accusation of influencing exchange rate The Nigerian government has imposed a $10 billion fine on Binance, a cryptocurrency trading platform, over allegations of influencing the country’s forex crisis. The government claims that Binance engaged in illegal transactions that led to significant profits for the platform while causing substantial losses […]

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Russia Bans Petrol Exports for 6 months

Russia has implemented a six-month ban on gasoline exports starting from March 1 to stabilise domestic prices amidst rising demand. The ban aims to ensure sufficient fuel supply for domestic consumption during peak demand periods like summer and spring fieldwork. The decision to ban gasoline exports was made to address the surge in domestic demand […]

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Migingo Island: The most densely populated island in the world

Migingo Island is a small, densely populated island in Lake Victoria, located at the border between Kenya and Uganda. It has been a subject of dispute between the two countries due to its rich fishing grounds and unclear territorial boundaries. The island is home to around 131 fishing structures ( according to 2009 census) and […]

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Paul Pogba Receives Four-Year Ban for Doping

Paul Pogba, the France and Juventus midfielder, has been banned from football for four years due to a doping offence. The incident occurred after he tested positive for testosterone, a banned substance, following Juventus’ game against Udinese on August 20, 2023. Pogba, who denies knowingly taking any banned substances, has expressed his intention to appeal […]

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Czech Republic to Deliver 9 EA DITA 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers to Ukraine

Czech Republic to Deliver 9 EA DITA 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzers to Ukraine The Czech Republic is set to deliver nine brand new EA DITA 155mm self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, with the Netherlands funding this acquisition.  These advanced artillery units are part of a larger Dutch order for Ukraine and are manufactured by the Czech arms […]

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Putin warns President Macron of a violent defeat if France sends troops to Ukraine

Russian President Putin warns French President Macron that any troops he sends to Ukraine will meet the same end as Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armee, whose 1812 invasion of Russia ended in death and defeat. However, France has not yet sent troops to Ukraine, but there has been discussion about the possibility of Western countries, including […]

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Apple Self-Driving Car has been cancelled after gulping $10b in 10yrs

Apple has made significant changes to its self-driving car project. Initially planning to release an electric car with self-driving capabilities, the company has now cancelled this project after nearly a decade of development.  The decision to abandon the self-driving car initiative was communicated internally, with employees being reassigned to focus on AI efforts instead.  This […]

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Scholtz blasts Macron: ARE YOU CRAZY? Over NATO troops to Ukraine

NATO ARGUES OVER SENDING TROOPS TO UKRAINE NATO countries are divided over sending troops to Ukraine, with Poland’s President stating, ‘such decisions absolutely do not exist.’ According to AFP: Chancellor Scholtz rejected the idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine as the Kremlin warned it would lead to a war with every NATO country. Scholtz: […]

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Chronicles of Wendy Williams Life Time Documentary

Poor Wendy Williams ????. I hope and pray she gets well and recovers soon. I don’t think the people around her have her best interest at heart. ???????? #WendyWilliams #LifeTime #Documentary pic.twitter.com/8pvTHhtGyD — BlackBird444 (@Aye_Yo_Jo33) February 25, 2024 Reports that the court appointed guardian knew all about #wendywilliams documentary…and only tried to stop it on […]

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Hungarian parliament approves Sweden NATO Membership

Today is a historic day. The parliaments of all NATO member states have now voted in favour of Swedish accession to NATO. Sweden stands ready to shoulder its responsibility for Euro-Atlantic security. Alleged Swedish soldiers celebrating their NATO membership Sweden has achieved interoperability with the rest of NATO ???? pic.twitter.com/l9jTVD0NXF — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) February […]

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Attempted Assassination of Tucker Carlson

A man has just been arrested in Moscow, accused of being paid by Ukrainian intelligence to plant an explosive device on Tucker Carlson’s vehicle and assassinate the prominent American journalist while he was there to interview Putin. The man claimed he was promised $4,000 to kill Carlson. WATCH BREAKING – $4,000 FROM UKRAINE TO ASSASSINATE […]

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Putin Warns of Nuclear War if Ukraine joins NATO

A video circulating online has shown where the NATO chief asserted that it is not a question if Ukraine will join NATO but when. In response to the press briefing Putin Warns that if that happens that Russia will respond in a fierce way that the people will not even have enough time to blink […]

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Brazilians embark on Massive protest against the Government

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, many people gathered this Sunday for a massive demonstration. They’re demanding democracy and backing former president Jair Bolsonaro. This protest is one of the biggest so far. They’re calling for the government to respect the law and stop unfairly targeting people politically, especially since Lula da Silva, a leftist leader, took […]

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Palestinian Government Resigns amidst war

Mohammad Shtayyeh the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority,  said he and his government will resign.  “We have remained loyal to the martyrs and prisoners, to our afflicted people in the Gaza Strip, to our Palestinian national project, to our school curricula, to Jerusalem, our holy sites, and to our people despite the unprecedented siege […]

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Bitcoin price hits $50k

Bitcoin price has reached the $50,000 mark for the first time since December 2021, marking a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency’s price movement. This surge in Bitcoin’s price occurred on February 12, 2024, and is attributed to a combination of factors, including the anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin supply halving in April and substantial inflows […]

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US State Department Warns against Trips to Jamaica

Americans planning a Jamaican vacation are urged to think twice, according to a recent US State Department travel advisory. Citing rising crime rates and unreliable medical services, the Level 3 advisory recommends reconsidering travel to the Caribbean island nation. The concerns stem from numerous reports of violent crimes, including home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, […]

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Lewis Hamilton Makes Shocking Move to Ferrari for 2025 Season

In a bombshell announcement that shook the Formula One world, Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, is leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari for the 2025 season. This historic move marks the end of an era for Hamilton and Mercedes, who together dominated the sport for much of the last decade. Full details of the event: […]

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