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IWO PRO DT8 Ultra Series 8 NFC Smart Watch 8 GPS Tracks…

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Bluetooth calling, 10 menu styles, support for over 200 dials, breath training, custom dials, stopwatch, brightness adjustment, multi-sport mode, real sleep, real heart rate, message push, remote music, remote photo, real time weather, find phone (connect to phone for use), Bluetooth music playback, password protection, calculator, split screen display, quick widget, weather, female assistant, massager GPS track, voice assistant, alarm clock, torch, power saving mode, smart and watch mode selection, paypal one time link, add constant light option, blast glass, multi-tasking bar, body temperature, 2 games, 2 types of off-screen clock, independent ringtones

Languages supported on the device side

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi