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2023 VWAR ZD8 Ultra Pro Smart Watch 49mm Series 8 Compa…

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2.2-inch high-definition explosion-proof screen

Enjoy high-definition resolution and 32-bit high-color resto-ration, the 520×585 pixel screen displays sharp and vivic
images.At the same time,it has strong scratch and explosion-proof performance, making your screen more durable and reliable

159 sports modes

With 159 sports modes, there's always one you'll love. Exercise to your heart's contentevery move you make will be monitored.

Exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship

From design to manufacturing, from materials to craftsmanship, every detail has been carefully processed.

Visible quality

Equipped with CE, ROSH, inspection reports issued by professional institutions, meets the export requirements of European and American countries, and the quality is visible to
the naked eye.

Powerful chiplong-lasting battery life

Equipped with the professional smart wearable chip AX, itworks in synergy with efficient intelligent algorithms to provide powerful computing power for health monitoring andsports tracking.ln typical scenarios, it can achieve a batterylife of 3-6 days

Bluetooth Call

A second, answer calls
A second, check the SMS

Alvoice assistant

Exclusive Al intelligent algorithm, immune to noisy environ-ment. Double-click to wake up the voice assistant and completely free your hands.

Rotate crown bigger and more convenient

Larger diameter and thicker grooves for easy use even with gloves.

Bluetooth call

Using high-fidelity speakers,presenting HD original sound,no matter diving or exercising,one-click answering.

NFC access card

When reaching home
the watch is your access control
Raise your wrist to open the door quickly

Reminder of NFC function:

1. The NFC of this watch only supports as IC door cards with a frequency of 13.56MNZ (applicable to 80% on the market), does not support other functions.

2. The fingerprint lock enters the administrator mode-add-card-write.

3. Encrypted access control of the community needs to be written in the community property management office.

Heart rate monitoring

24-hour heart rate moni-toring,care about heart health at anytime.

the watch only have 3 led lights turn on when heart rate/Blood oxygen/blood pressure monitoring, as one of the 4 Leds is only IR motion detection led, it is for released wrist motion detection, All watches are same

ECG Monitoring
ECG is one of the most commonly used clinical tests,just completed in one minute,and is widely used.
ABPM Monitoring
Real-time blood pressure monitoring Protect your health.
Blood oxygen Monitoring
Monitor and analyze blood flow to obtain more compre-hensive health date.
Sleep Monitoring
Accurately monitor sleep date in dif- ferent stages,scientifically evaluate and inprove sleep quality.
Notice: This product is not a medical device, the above data is for reference only, not for medical purposes. Heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen data are measured by real-time sensors, while blood pressure data is obtained by algorithms. Therefore, we recommend that you pay more attention to heart rate and sleep data, which is more accurate.

IP68 Waterproof

No fear of wind and rain, you can also wear it for bathing, with drainage function,More peace of mind for use.
Notice: Since hot water produces water vapor, the water vapor will enter the inside of the watch through the microphone hole and easily damage the watch. Therefore, please do not expose the watch to hot water.

High-speedMagnetic charging

The magnetic charging can fully charge the watch in 3hours.lt automatically switches to bedside lamp modeduring charging, so you don't have to fumble in the darkwhen you need to get up at night

500+ Watch face free download

Massive dials,continuously updated, replace one every day. You also can upload your photo as dial.

ZORDAI Health Management Platform

The smart watch is connected to the newly upgraded ZORDAI APP. ZORDAI is an all-day health management plat- form. In addition to setting up the watch, it can also record various sports. Physical condition and other data, support to view professional data at any time. By analyzing multiple data sources, you can manage all aspects of your body data and understand your physical condition anytime, anywhere.

More Functions:

Breath training, dial push, stopwatch, brightness adjustment, multi-sports mode, sleep, heart rate, information, remote music, remote photo, weather, search for mobile phones (connected to mobile phones), Bluetooth calls, Bluetooth music playback, password protection, calculator, Split screen display, quick widgets, weather, massager, Alipay, my QR code,GPS tracking, NFC, ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, AI voice assistant.


Chip: AX
Screen:2.2 inch full screen,520*585 resolution
Craftsmanship:Titanium alloy+IML
Flash: 128Mb
Battery capacity: 420mAh
Waterproof: IP68
System support: Supports Android 4.4 and above, Apple iOS 10.0 and above.
UI Language:English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean , Arabic, Persian.