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Rape Law: ‘Only yes means yes’ Swiss parliament tightens rape law

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The Swiss Parliament on Monday approved the ‘only yes means yes’ consent bill.

This bill is believed to have dramatically broaden the country’s limited definition of rape since before now there had been heated debates over how to measure consent in Switzerland.

The parliament voting is coming at a time when people believe that the rape law needs a broadened definition to include all non-consensual penetrations regardless of who is the victim and if they fought back.

Because according to the current laws, only forced virginial penetration met with a certain level of resistance by the woman is considered rape.

During the debates on Monday, emotions where high when the bill “only yes means yes” was passed after it narrowly passed with 99 votes against 88 opposition votes and 3 abstentions.

According to ATS news agency, Tamara Funiciello who is a socialist member of the parliament had told the house that “It is obvious that you don’t take money out of your neighbour’s wallet without asking. It is obvious that you don’t enter someone’s home without ringing the bell. Why should my wallet and my home be better protected than my body?” she asked.

However, many of the right wing members of the parliament opposed the bill with the argument that it would create confusion and be very difficult to practice.

Other European countries like Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Belgium are also looking at make adjustments to their rape laws.

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