Apple to start shipping products faster from stores

Apple is moving to start shipping products from its over 300 stores across the United States and Canada, the news is coming as the company announced it will be rolling out new products on Oct. 13, and we are expecting a 5G device! as the invitation reads “Hi, Speed.”

Shipping products such as computers, smartphones, accessories and tablets from store will be a new method for the company as it usually fulfil orders from warehouse.

However, the model seems to have been proven effective by the many supermarket chains that have adopted the it and are dong well.

The anticipated release of the four new iPhone 12 model, which will likely have two regular versions and two Pro versions with a sharper edges around the corners, it is likely that we will be getting them shipped from the apple stores around the US and Canada.

Macrumors has it that, the ‌iPhone 12‌ Pro models will have three camera setups, and at least one of the Pro models will feature a LiDAR Scanner like the ‌iPad Pro while the non-Pro ‌iPhone 12‌ models will have dual-lens camera setups and no LiDAR Scanner to keep costs lower, but we should still see some improvements in camera technology.

Apple had noted that the move would make it possible to deliver orders faster to customers who live far away from distribution hubs, the logistics for US orders will handled by FedEx Corp while that of Canada will be handled by United Parcel Service.

The company’s unveiling of its new 8th-generation iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 at the September event, with the Apple Watch Series 6 said to have a blood oxygen sensor and novel Apple 6 Silicon chip, makes it an exciting times for its loyal users to yet again experience the unique engineering prowess of the first trillion dollar dollar company.

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