Coca-Cola announced it will stop making diet soda Tab by Dec 2020


After nearly 60 years, Coca-Cola announced it was retiring Tab, its first-ever diet soda, which acquired a huge fan base back in the ’70s and ’80s and continued to maintained a small but devoted following who battle to keep their fridges filled with the diet soda through the years.

This announcement was made on Friday as Coca-Cola announced it was retiring the drink along with other “underperforming” drinks such as Odwalla and Diet Coke Feisty Cherry.

This will officially be kick in by December 31, 2020, after more than five decades of keeping the line running. The decision is said part of the companies strategy to kill off low turn around brands in an effort to focus more energy and resources on fewer brands with stronger sales.

During the past few months as the world is going through a pandemic, Coca-Cola like many companies are streamlining their product offerings so as to zero in on only performing brands to help cut cost and ease the strain on supply chains.

The pandemic is taking a toll on businesses, this is evident in the company’s second quarter, which ended on June 26, as the company saw sales drop 28% to $7.2 billion.

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