Corona – Warn – App has sent out 1.2 million covid-19 test results … how efficient is it?

covid-19 test results

Corona – Warn – App has sent out 1.2 million covid-19 covid-19 test results since it’s launching … how efficient is it?

Since the advent of the virus back in November 2019 and its massive impact in 2020 covid–19 has continued to impact the way we do things.

The use of hand sanitizers and face masks has become something that we now see a very smart health practice.

Many people have been arrested for not wearing their facemasks in the US and many businesses have made it clear that if you are not putting on mask you are not welcomed in their facility.

While all this practices are very noble in the act of trying to prevent the further spread of the virus, the one thing we are still battling with is the testing process to determine those that have contacted the virus so that they can be treated

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The main issue various governments are have about the process of testing is the cost of the process, and just recently we have seen where dogs are been trained for the job.

Germany in its own efforts has developed a Corona – warn – App to help transmit the covid-19 test results speedily to users up the process.


The corona-warn-app have been downloaded over 18 million times since its launch in June and it has been used to transmit over 1.2 million test results from the lab to the users in its first 100 days.

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So far the almost 5000 people who tested positive have used the app to warn others; hopefully the app will still undergo much iteration in the future to make it even more robust to be able to do more.

This, I believe is a great tool because it not only hastens the response time for testing but also protects people from the virus through early warnings.

What do you think about the coronavirus app? And do you have it yet?

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