Coronavirus Vaccine achieves over 90% efficacy. What next?

Hope glimmers as a potential Coronavirus vaccine by Pfizer achieves over 90% efficacy large trials.

About 200 Coronavirus vaccine candidates are under development around the world, even with many already in the human clinical trials stage, non has yet been rubber stamped as certified.

In a recent announcement by Pfizer-BioNTech which is one of the big players in the pharmaceutical industry that the Covid-19 vaccine they are developing is showing a significant positive results is a very cheering one.

Giving the recent announcement, the expected next step if everything goes well will be a mass production of the vaccine.

However, where the government and the experts are having concerns is the area of acceptance by the masses.

Taking a vaccine has always been a thing of debate as the adoption rate has continued to go down given misinformation and alleged complications from previous flu vaccinations.

The World Health Organisation has noted that for a population to achieve what it called ‘herd immunity’ that about 70% of the masses have to be inoculated.

Will the world achieve ‘ here immunity ‘?

That is now the question that remains to be answered.

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