Double Side 120KG*2 Permanent NdFeB Magnet
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Double Side 120KG*2 Permanent NdFeB Magnet

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1. Material: Neodymium Magnet N52+A3 Steel+Black Resin

2. Magnet Size: Diameter 2.65”*1.1“(Included eyebolt);Height thickness of magnet base : 0.1”

3. Rope Size:Diameter6mm, Length 66 Feet

4. Vertical Pull-force:440lb*2 On Base of 30mm Thick Steel Plate;

Horizontal Pull-force  44lb On Base of 30mm Thick Steel Plate

5. Max Working Temperature:80 degree centigrade

6. Package Includes: One fishing magnet+ 66 Feet high strength durabale Nylon Rope+ Gloves+1pc portabale bag


magnetic force 440lb isvertical pull-force which make the magnet pull
way from the thick 30mm steel plate of a tensile tester under ideal
condition. The actual pull force will vary mainly depending on the
following variables:

A: Steel thickness (The thicker the steel is, the stronger the pull force)

B: Pulling direction (The smaller the angle taking 90° as a standard, the
stronger the pull force), the Pull force in horizontal direction is only
about one third of that in vertical direction)

C: Attracting position (The farther beyond the center of gravity of the attracted object, the lower the pull force)

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