Guinea: Court declares Alpha Conde elected president amidst revolts

Guinea’s constitutional court has confirmed the 82-year-old President Alpha Conde’s victory in last month’s disputed elections.

The court rejected the allegations of fraud and handing him a third term in office what his political opponents say is unconstitutional.

But the constitutional court  said they had produced no evidence.

Conde had campaigned to change the constitution earlier this year in order to bypass a two-term limit and subsequent candidacy in the October 18 polls.

The change had sparked violent protests that was reported to have killed dozens of people.

The presidents main challenger Cellou Dalein Diallo and other opposition candidates alleged that there were irregularities in the official results that was announced with Conde having 59.5 percent of the vote.

“Mister Alpha Conde … is declared elected in the first round as president of the Republic of Guinea,” said court President Mohamed Lamine Bangoura.

Giving the current ruling there is no way for Conde’s rivals to appeal the top court’s decision, and thus leaving the path formally clear for Conde to begin a new six-year term.

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