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October 29, 2020

Hand Sanitizer is a big scam?

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A recent Japanese research has shown that applying hand sanitizer didn’t kill the flu virus, even when the sanitizer was left on the fingers for two whole minutes.
During the experiment it took about four minutes for the ethanol based hand sanitizer to fully deactivate the virus to the point where it wasn’t infectious anymore.

When the research was made public some people were now asking if the hand sanitizer is really a scam or not? and for me I based on the results from the experiment I still believe it is still a good way to stay safe, it just that we now supposedly knows how long it may take to get the result that we desire.

Meanwhile, In a separate study it was found that washing hands in running water for upto 30 seconds killed both wet and dry flu-infected mucus.

So by all indication it will be smart to wash hands for longer and to also understand that when you apply the hand sanitizer is not when the virus becomes annihilated, it actually take a bit longer for the virus to become deactivated.

Stay Safe.

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