Hertz To Payout $168 Million To Customers Accused of Car Thefts
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Hertz To Payout $168 Million To Customers Accused of Car Thefts

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The popular US car rental company Hertz, has announce on Monday that it will be paying out up to $168 million by the end of the year to various customers and other people that they had accused falsely of theft

The car rental company had of recent in 2020 declared bankruptcy, the action it said was to help her resolves over 95% of cases of theft claims that it had on ground.

Hertz has in recent times been accused of been notorious at accusing customers and non customers of stealing it vehicles, even when some of the customers have rightly paid for their rental periods, especially those that have paid for extended rentals periods.

Although the CEO Stephen Scherr has said that the company suffered from a glitch in its system that cause its system to wrongly report on people, that they have done the needful to correct the anomalies.

Scherr had said that they are trying to settle all the outstanding cases because the company is trying to stay true to its goal of putting customers first.

According to him “While we will not always be perfect, the professionals at Hertz will continue to work every day to provide best-in-class service to the tens of millions of people we serve each year,”

As at Late last year, CBS News reported that some customers lamented of having been served with jail times after the company Hertz falsefully reported them for stealing their cars.

According to lawsuits cited by The New York Times. In certain cases the customers said they had paid for an extended rental periods but still got reported for theft and arrested.

There had also been reports of some people who said that they had not rented any car from the company in the first place but still got reported for stealing their vehicles.