Nigeria: The Accidental Gas Discovery in Enugu State
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Nigeria: The Accidental Gas Discovery in Enugu State

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Enugu State recently doused a gas flare and unveiled plans to tap into the state’s gas reservoirs, signalling a momentous discovery in the area.

Debates have ensued regarding the existence of a sizable gas deposit in Enugu, with some doubting its validity and labelling it as a possible hoax.

Discussions on platforms like Nairaland reveal diverse opinions on Enugu’s gas deposits, with some citing geological studies and local observations to affirm the presence of oil and gas resources in the region.

However, recently during a boreholes drilling project at Caritas University Enugu , a sizable flaring occurred after the drilling machine hit over 100m down the earth, this eventually parked into a glaring flame that took a long while to douse.

Social media posts by figures like Chude Nnamdi have emphasised the transformative potential of Enugu’s gas reserves in bolstering energy production in the locality.

Videos circulating on platforms such as YouTube delve into drilling activities and environmental safety measures concerning the gas flare incident in Enugu, underscoring the necessity of responsible resource extraction practices.