North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un wife is missing – where is she?

kim jong un wife

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wife Ri Sol-Ju was missing at the October 10 Military Parade.

This is an important event that she is known not to miss, so it came as a surprise when she was not spotted at the event.

Her been MIA for about 9 months now has gotten people to start speculating of what the reason could have been, which among many could be;

She is sick, or she was taken care of their little daughter, or maybe she was taking care of Kim’s aunt who is said to be sick or she could be afraid of contacting Coronavirus since there was a lack of social distance and wearing of mask at the events or maybe she is pregnant.

Which ever one of this speculations maybe true, no one knows yet, and giving the way information is restricted in the North, we may really never know!

However, similar event has occurred in the past, when she was not seen for four months and later she showed up again without anyone really knowing the main reason for her absence.

Hey that’s North Korea for you!

We will keep you updated.

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