Piers Morgan advices President Donald Trump to concede to Biden

Piers Morgan has in a recent article asked Donald Trump who he called a good friend to concede defeat and congratulate Joe Biden.

Part of his statement reads; “Dear Donald, you’ve lost and – unless you actually have real PROOF of fraud – stop sulking, suck it up, and go now with your head held high before this pathetic tantrum wipes out everything your followers still have to admire you for”

Morgan came hard at Trump whom he said he spoke with just two weeks ago and even though he said he believes that he has lost the elections he also reminded him that he has achieved many great things for which he will be remembered.

He said although Trump may not like what he has to say now but he will thank him later.

He noted “As former US president Harry Truman said: ‘I can always get along with an honest friend.’ I am that friend today. You won’t want to hear what I’m saying now, but that doesn’t make me wrong to say it.”

Recalling that the President had in one of his previous statements said that he likes winning and he wins a lot but hate lossing and didn’t like it, he advised him to accept this one for the sake of the American Democracy.”

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