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At least 45 Easter travelers killed as bus veers off bridge in South Africa

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A tragic incident occurred on Thursday as a bus en route to an Easter festival tragically careened off a bridge in South Africa, resulting in the loss of at least 45 lives, according to authorities.

The Limpopo provincial government disclosed that the bus, of Easter travelers traveling from Botswana to the town of Moria for a renowned Easter pilgrimage, veered off the Mmamatlakala bridge, plummeting roughly 164 feet into a ravine where it ignited into flames.

Remarkably, there were survivors amidst the devastation. A lone survivor, an 8-year-old child, sustained serious injuries but was evacuated from the wreckage for urgent medical treatment, as confirmed by authorities in Limpopo province.

As investigations into the incident continue, rescue teams are still recovering remains, with many victims severely burnt and unrecognizable within the bus.

Authorities suspect that the driver lost control, leading to the fatal plunge off the bridge. Sadly, the driver was among those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

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