Prince Williams has been caught by KFC

prince william

Prince Williams was caught at KFC peeking into the store front and at the meal of a customer.

The picture stirred up some funny reactions on social media, and the food chain giant was not going to let it slide without taking advantage of the free press.

After having seen the image , KFC UK and Ireland Twitter handles quickly shared another image they took of the prince and gave it a funny caption, that said;

“William whispered quietly to himself, Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing!”

They also followed up with another one saying;

“I’m sad I didn’t call him His Royal Thingness in the main tweet tbh”

Princess William who was out with the Duchess Kate Middleton to host the launch of a photography project “Hold Still” never responded to the posts.

Hopefully he wouldn’t take any offence at it, but rather laugh them out.

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