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Putin wins Russian election with 87.8% of the votes

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Russian election reveals that President Vladimir Putin has won a record post-Soviet landslide victory in the election. Preliminary results show that Putin received an overwhelming vote, ranging from 87% to 88%. 

This victory cements his grip on power, securing him another six-year term as Russia’s president. The election results were widely expected, with Putin facing minimal opposition due to the elimination of any significant challengers before the voting began. 

Despite protests and criticisms of the election process, Putin’s victory was never in doubt. The election outcome is seen as a means for Putin to further escalate Russia’s involvement in the war in Ukraine and challenge Western powers. 

The high voter turnout and the absence of viable opposition candidates have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the election.

The reaction of the international community to Putin’s win

The international community has reacted with skepticism and criticism to Vladimir Putin’s landslide victory in the Russian election. Many countries and organizations have raised concerns about the legitimacy of the election process, citing issues such as the lack of viable opposition candidates, reports of irregularities, and the absence of a fair electoral environment. 

The Czech foreign ministry, for example, stated that the elections did not meet international standards and condemned them as another manifestation of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Exiled businessman and opposition activist Mikhail Khodorkovsky dismissed the election as a “sham” and called for Western democracies not to recognize Putin’s victory, emphasizing that the election was fraudulent and lacked universal support in Russia. 

The international community’s response reflects a widespread view that Putin’s victory was predetermined and lacked genuine democratic competition.

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