Turkey fines Google $25.5m for tweeking search engine algorithms to it’s favour

Turkish Regulators have fined Google a hefty sum for market dominance bias.

This is said to as a result of the fact that the search engine giant has in many occasions tweeked it’s algorithm to show more search results that could bring the company revenue.

Incidences like this is actually been seen as a regular thing by many content marketers who simply tag it a “change in algorithms.”

Bloggers and social media marketers are constantly faced with challenges like this, as it is now obvious that if a post is not boosted or promoted with money on social platforms it may end up getting lost without any chance of been seen by many people.

However, Turkey Competition Authority are working hard to create a level playing field for its online users and busineses that depend on attracting organic customers from search engines.

The functions of the search engines is to deliver to it’s users, contents that best matches their search queries.

However,when this supposed system is re-engineered to bringing in more revenue to the search engines owners like Alphabet in the case of Google, it becomes a problem for the small players.

Moreso, due to competitive content and products available online, search engines like Google makes it possible for people to have their products and contents promoted alongside organic search results.

So Google makes a big chunk of it’s revenue from that promotion, and it might not be to far to think that they will do more to promote the use of advertisement on their platform for faster reach to users than organic reach.

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