What are Backlinks and Importance of Backlinks for SERP

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What does backlinks mean

The term backlinks are used to refer to inbound links that directs traffic from other websites to a particular website.

 So, it’s as simple as saying that once a someone references your article or simply just talks about your website on their own blog or a general blog and then goes on to attach a link from that website to your ‘you now have a backlink from that website.

So therefore, any genuine link that points from a different domain to your pages or specific page on your website is known as a backlink

How to get backlinks

In other to create a backlink all you need is to reach out to any website that you will like to get a link from and ask them for a backlink.

Even though this is the ideal way to go, many times it does not work out easily like that, so You might have to instead ask to make quest post on their blog in exchange for a link to your website.

However, most times all you actually need to do is write a compelling article that you know that will like to read and hope that they talk about it or quote in their own article and the link to your website.

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More so, a very successful strategy that really worked well for many people is that of writing an article that is not very popular and filing it up with some rear data points and scares figures that that have been aggregated from different sources

With this method it will be easy to get other blogs and even news channels that may want to talk about that topic on he future to easily quote your article and give you a backlink because it will ultimately save them time than for them to go an start all over making a new research.

Some people do that you should delicately avoid is trying to hack the system by spamming other websites with your links, because this can actually hurt the reputation of your website in the long run on google, so don’t do it.

Does backlink help

Yes! for sure backlink does help a lot, but it also important to know and what website you are getting your backlinks from.

Backlink are seen by google a vote of confidence from one website to another, in other words the referring website is saying that it trusts your website and the content that you provide.

The more popular or big websites that refers to your own website, the more likely it is that search engines will rank your website very high on the SERP (search engine results pages)

Having a backlink form a website that is not in any way related top what is on your own website /blog is not advisable.

This is important because there will be no cohesion and correlated articles that a reader will see and read when they are been directed from the linking website and so they may likely click off your page immediately.

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This act will have a great impact on your websites google ranking because google will automatically assume that your site is not credible or it has bad content.

If the search engines algorithm picks up that your pages are not credible or related to the directing link then the quality of your ranking will be severely damaged, in fact the algorithm will make sure that your page does not show up on search results.

Remember search engines like google want people to get value for using their product and if they find out that people are not getting value when directed to your page, your page will be dropped immediately.

Referring domain/website:

This refers to the website or domain from where your website is linked from.

Lile, I have explained before just because you need backlinks does not mean you should link to any available website that you see; some can hurt the quality of your website.

So it is advisable to only get backlinks from domains or website that are related to yours in some way, shape or form and that when visitors land on your page that they will still get good value and are not just going to click off immediately.

Why is it called backlink?

It is called backlink because it is meant to be linking back form the external domain to your domain, so it’s a link that points back to a website.

When a link is going out from your own website to another is usually called and external link or outbound link, while in reverse is called a backlink or inbound link.

Types of backlinks

There are different Backlink examples that one can adopt when looking to build backlinks, these includes but not limited to the following:

Backlinks from Guest Posts:

With this method you will need to add your link to the article that you have written for a blog as a guest blogger

Backlinks from free tools:

With this method you will need to provide free tools or widgets for other people to use and link to your website in the process (you can eve have the link embedded in the tools during creation)

Link in Bios:

With this method you have to add your link to your social media pages and profiles and also for any guest blog website that does not allow you to add links in your guest posts

Comment backlink:

With this method, you get to add a link to your comments on some blog posts that you also enjoy reading (note that some blog will not allow links to be added to comments)

How to create backlink

This link can be created by simply adding a link of the website or specific page on a website on a piece of article on another website.

This can either be in the form of Button, Text or an image that is clickable.

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Importance of backlinks

It increases that perceived authority of the website in the eye of the search engines, and so the search engine will be most like to serve its content to people search for something related to what is available on the website.

A Backlinks ability to increase the authority of a website is dependent on many factors, amongst of which is what is refers to as Link Juice.

Link juice is simply referring to a scenario where by a higher authority website refers to the value of another website with lower rank, in other it is the value that is passed from one domain to another.

Is backlink a SEO strategy?

Yes of course, backlink plays a very important role In SEO strategy, especially because it shows that a website has credibility and has in turn received vote of confidence from another high-end website.

Backlink strategy

Become a guest blogger

This one of the most effective strategies of acquiring backlink, because all you have t do is to offer to write quest articles on different websites that are similar to your niche and the going on to attach a link back to your own website.

Become active in different online forums

With this strategy all you have to do is become active on forum websites like reddit, Facebook groups, twitter and the rest.

While you do that always make sure to have your link o your bio and also quotes excepts from your article and link to it often, but make sure that your refence are related and valuable

In the long run when people see enough of your good response to questions and issues that are been discussed on these platforms, they are going to checkout you content and also link to the it in the future.

List your pages on resource websites

With this method all you have to do is look or resource pages that aggregate contents and links and also have your website linked on o it.

Write testimonials for other website/tools

If you have a website that or tools that you have enjoyed using in the past, that might be a good way to take advantage of being a user or customer to get a backlink.

All you have to do is to write a good testimonials about the tool or app or send it to the website, they will be happy to here about your testimonial and they will likely post it on their website .

Publish high research contents

By High research content I mean an article where by you have to aggregate contents and data’s from many sources, although it will require time and patience to be able toa archive this it will pay off in the future.

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What is going to happen is when other people are looking to talk or even write about the same topic in the future and they come across your content, it will save them a great deal of time and they will end up using some piece of your content and also linking to your website.

This is very popular with news websites where the journalist has a lot of articles to write for them to meet up with their target, so if they see any well written article that will save them time and resource, they will just pick up and reference the blog where it was gotten.

Find broken links and offer a replacement

This strategy is a bit unconventional because you have to look for a particular that you really want to get a backlink from and perform some quarries on the website.

With this method you will use tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to uncover the broken links on the desired websites.

After you have gotten the link, you will now go on to write a replacement article with the same title and then reach out to the website and offer them the article I exchange for link to your own website.

Study your outbound links to form partnerships

With this strategy you will have to perform a detail analysis on your own website and finds out the outbound links that you have pointing to some websites that you like.

And then you reach out them as request for partnership with them since you already provide them with a lot of traffic.

This partnership can be in for of affiliate partnership if they have a product or offer a service.

You also easily get this data from similarweb

Backlink in digital marketing

Backlink is especially valuable in digital marketing because it forms an important part in building SEO.

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And digital marketing as we know profits a lot from Search engine optimization and so when a website gets a lot of votes of confidence from other authority website, it will automatically be perceive as being of high value and thus will be high up in SERP.

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