What is Email Marketing? and how to maximize it

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Email marketing is the strategy of carrying out marketing obligations of any business through email channel.

Marketing is a vital part of businesses because without it, there will be no sales and without sales the business will not be profitable and that will lead to bankruptcy.

As we know it, email marketing is just one method of marketing, but it is actually a very effective methods because of the results it can bring.

However, for an email marketing to be a thing, you have to have a list of emails addresses of clients or prospects that you can market to.

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For starters, getting an email list is the difficult part. There are many ways in which you can gather email addresses of prospects or clients, and this includes:


Subscription to newsletter or any kind of service as is specified by the collector is one of the most popular method of building an email list.

This can be done through a website; blog or portfolio website and now also on Twitter,

All you have to do is to add a widget section that invites visitors to subscribe to your mailing list for future updates, pre-releases or any other thing that is interesting.

To make this work efficiently, you will have to connect the widget to an email service like GetResponse or any other email service so that what ever email that is collected will be collated into groups automatically.

Using an email service makes it easy to groups emails depending on where you collected them and what you want to associate with them.

When you have the email addresses in groups/lists, it will make it easy to send out just one email and it will automatically be sent to everyone on that list.

Sales order form

Sale order form is also an easy way to collect email addresses because in this case a buyer will be obligated to input their contact details for their orders to be processed.

This method works well for those who have an online store or sale some sort of merchandise and have to process orders online.

In the order processing page there is always a column for email address and even sometime a phone number.

And just like I mentioned before, it will also be efficient to have the email collection column to linked to an email service provider that way it will be properly grouped and easy to use.

Lead magnets

Lead magnet is a method of directing people to put in their email before they get a promised digital product or gift.

In most cases to make use of this strategy you have to build a landing page where you can direct their audience to for them to give you their email.

Example of this method will be to tell your audience like your followers on social media that you have a free eBook, checklist, analysis report or something that will interest them.

And then you tell them that in order for them to get the free item, they have to visit a landing page.

You now have to provide a link to page where they will input their email before they can claim the digital product, access details or gift.

Lead aggregators

Lead aggregators are individuals or businesses that aggregate emails from different niches and industries and sell them to others people.

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They have a unique advantage of having emails from a diverse niche and also have a very good grouping systems that makes the process smooth.

How do lead aggregators get their email lists?

This is common question that people ask when they are not certain of the authenticity of the email lists that they will be getting when they patronize lead aggregators.

The answer is that, many times this aggregator reach out to other blogs and ecommerce stores that have an email list already and then offer to buy the list for price.

The price will depend on how many emails the blog has and is willing to give.

This method works well almost all the time, because even though the owner of the blog or ecommerce store sell the list at a price, it is just a copy of the list and so he still has the list himself.

If I buy a list from an online clothing store, it will be safe to assume that the list will be a quality for clothing related business.

So based on the blog or ecommerce store where list was bought, that will be the way the email list will be grouped.

However, this is not to say that some persons may not decide to be dubious sometimes and sell you the wrong list if they don’t have one for the niche that you need.

The best way to go about it, is to first request for the list of available email lists that they have to offer and then decide if your preferred niche or industry is in the offer before bargaining to buy.

There you have, these are some of the best and efficient ways to collect emails and build a list for your future marketing campaigns.

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