7 Ways to Promote an eBook and Make Sales
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7 Ways to Promote an eBook and Make Sales

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Publishing an eBook might seem to be the final step for many, but it is really not. You still have to learn how to gone on to promote an eBook if you want to make sales.

***Note: some of these strategies also applies to hardcover books as well, but for this post we will focus more on eBooks.

Depending on whatever channel you chose to publish your eBook on or whatever format you chose to use, the truth is that you will not be the first person to do so.

If you understand this critical notion, then you will understand that you need to go the extra mile to get people to know about your book and also give them reason to buy it.

There are different ways to promote your eBook, amongst them are the following;


If you already have a blog site, then this method will come very handy to you. All you need to do is to write a compelling article about your eBook.

Share your motivation about what inspired you to write the book and what your goals are regarding how the book can help your audience.

In this blog post you can also share a little except from the eBook and explain what you were thinking when you wrote that piece.

Whether you have you eBook on your website or any other platform, always share a link to the sales page and encourage people to go check it out.

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Make sure that you explicitly ask for feedback from the readers and promise to answer any questions that they might have related to the eBook.

Quest posts

If you don’t have your own blog and you still want to expand your promotional reach, then you can consider reaching out to a big blog that is related to your eBook content and request to write a blog post for them.

This method almost always works because you are providing value to the blog by offering to do a quest post.

Of course, you have to make your intentions known that you are also going to promote an eBook that you’ve written and the blog owner may charge you a fee, which most times will be worth it if their blog is very big.

However, when you write, make sure that your post is interesting and then find a way to refer to your eBook amidst the blog post, without explicitly telling people to buy.

When reader who are not used to you, read your post the last thing that they want to see is you trying to sell them something as a quest blogger, try to avoid it.

So, the classic way to do it is to sell like you did not mean to sell, this works very well, because it filters out those who do not have interest and will make the ones that have interest to find out more and then buy your eBook.

And just for the sake of making things easy, you should link the book below any excepts that you quoted in the post.

Social media posts

Social media is already a very glaring strategy that is very common today, in fact so many people just focus only on social media and neglect other avenues for selling, don’t do that mistake.

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To promote an eBook or even anything on social media, you need to post it on your page where your followers will be able to see it.

And them below the post make sure to write a good caption that further explains what the eBook is all about and how it will benefit the readers.

You can also apply some of the strategies I listed on 11 secrets to grow social media following but in this case the eBook will be the primary focus.

Contest and Giveaways

Running of Contest and giveaways has now become popular when people are trying to promote anything new online.

Contests/giveaways are easy to organized and also does not require a lot of expenses on the part of the organizer, giving the amount of exposure that it will generate.

To conduct a contest all you have to do is to put up some kind of prize and make people contest for it, and in this case a perfect prize will be your eBook.

You can promise to give out ten free copies to people who meet some criteria’s that you will specify or even ask them to complete certain number of tasks to qualify for a free eBook.

This strategy works well, because it means that people will have the opportunity to get the book for free without having to pay a dime.

Common tasks that people use for contest on social media that you too can use;

To entre a contest you can ask people to follow your page or like and comment on particular post of yours or make a short video of themselves talking about anything you want them to talk about (maybe how they think that the book will change their lives) and in the end you choose whom ever you like their presentation the most.

These above examples are relative, you can decide to ask the people to whatever you believe that will help you get more engagements or spread the news about the eBook more.

Lead magnet

Lead magnet is another way to get your eBook in the hands of many readers very quickly.

However, its limitations is that you will not be able to make money if you give it all out for free as a lead magnet.

If you want to make use of this strategy, what you should bo is to make a draft version where you talk in briefs about what is the book (not the whole book) or also you can make a checklist to point out the key topic of discussions in the eBook.

When people enter your funnel and get the drafted brief copy, after reading it will be inspired to want to read the full version of it and that is when they will now buy the book.

Social media Ads

Social media ads are another obvious method of promoting and selling books or even anything online.

Running of social media ads makes things very easy and faster when you want to sell your eBook.

All you need to do is to setup an ads account on Facebook (meta), twitter, Pinterest or any other platform you want to use.

And promote the book to any target audience you believe the book will benefit the most.

If you don’t have an idea how to do this, you can simply hire an expert on fiver or any other freelance site to help you with the process.


Forums are another effective way of promoting and selling of your eBooks.

However, with this method it is good that you provide a lot of free value upfront to the members of the forums before introducing your eBook.

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When you provide value upfront on the forum be answering question and engaging with people, they will learn to trust you over time, and then when you present your book in the future and ask them to buy, they will most likely buy.

This is because they already feel like they know you and because of the free values you have giving, they will believe that you will even give them more value now that they will be paying to get your eBook.

In conclusion, if you apply these strategies meticulously, you will for sure get mind blowing results in the end.

Please do let me know in the comments sections if there are other methods that you know and feel that I should add to this list.

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