Why over 20,000 staffs have been infected with COVID-19 at Amazon US alone


Amazon in a recent statement has said that more than 19,816 of its frontline workers have been infected with COVID-19 in the US alone since march.

The company has kept its facilities open through out the coronavirus pandemic and this has resulted to criticisms from worker and unions accusing the company of putting employee’s health at risk.

But the company has argued that it’s infection rate is lower than expected given that the number of those infected is about 1.44% of its over 1.37 million staffs across it many divisions.

Amazon keeping its facilities opened for business all through has been very profitable for the retail giant, because many people who are stock at home rely heavily on the company’s ecommerce platform to fulfill their daily supplies.

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The sales at amazon was reported to have shot up by 40% in just three months and giving the company a quarterly profit that is the most it has ever had since inception of the company in 1994.

As part of its effort to ensure workers safety the company has said that it “introduced or changed over 150 processes”, distributed over 100 million face masks, introduced temperature checks in all its facilities, introduced social distancing measures and carries out cleaning at its facilities every 90 mins.

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