10 Businesses you can start with no Money
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10 Businesses you can start with no Money

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Over and over again, many blog posts and creators have debunked the idea that you need a huge amount of money to start a business. I have also decided to add to the mix of the various businesses you can start with no money.

You must be familiar with the popular saying that “it takes money to make money,” “You need money to start a business,” or can I start a business with no money?

Well, technically, it is true, but I will also tell you what is not true, and that is that you need money to start a business!

Yes, I get it. You might be saying, “Here you go again, all these motivational speakers with big words and quotes but no action.” LOL, but please stay with me here and let me explain myself and share the ideas that I have. Ok.

In this post, I will do my best to list and explain to you the different businesses that you can start up today without having to worry about getting any office space, staff, or inventory.

Because we are not looking to rent any office space or anything like that, you can safely call this approach a home-based businesses you can start with no money.

A little bit of caveat here, I am going to assume that you already have access to a mobile phone, computer, and internet/free Wi-Fi connection; if not, how are you even able to read this post now? Right?


person in white long sleeve shirt using macbook pro

Blogging is an example of one of the businesses you can start with no money by simply doing what I am doing here right now, which is writing blog posts about what interests you and posting them online for others to read.

This could be informative content like this one, news, or even stories, depending on your experience or educational background.

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You can easily set up your own blog online using free blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. it is fairly easy to setup, just register and start making contents, and when people start coming to your blog, you can start making money through ads, sponsored contents, or even selling products.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a good way to make money without having any prior money, and this is an adaptive skill that is related to the one above, but in this case, you will be writing posts, scripts, or copy for others.

You can offer your services to other blogs or businesses for a fee.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn income right off the bat without spending a dime.

As an affiliate marketer, your job will be to promote the products, services, or others (without spending any money to create them) and get paid a commission as soon as you make a sale.

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In this case, if you already have a good network of friends or followers on social media, then it will be a breeze for you, but even if you don’t, you can simply start off by promoting the products to your closest friends or family and then proceed from there.

As you already know, in affiliate marketing programs, you make money by referring potential buyers to the company’s website, and if they end up buying the product, you get a pre-agreed percentage from the sale as a commission.

YouTube creator

YouTube is a businesses you can start with no Money

YouTube is one of the incredible gifts of our times in this digital age that we live in, it has become so important and useful that you can learn from it in one month what you will learn from school in four years.

It is the biggest video sharing platform with lots of contents, including tutorials, Trainings, news, and many more.

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The beauty of it all it that it is one of the businesses you can start with no money. you don’t need any money to open an account, you can literally sign up this minute and start putting out content, and once you reach a certain prescribed threshold of 1,000 subscribers, you can monetize your content and start cashing out from the platform.

So, you can either make money by monetizing your content on the platform or by becoming an influencer (charging people money to promote their businesses or products) if you have many subscribers.


positive black woman talking to radio host

Podcasting is simply another version of radio, but this time on the internet.

Ever wonder how expensive and difficult it is to start a radio station? Well, now you can start something similar with just your mobile phone or computer and still make money.

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All you need to do is sign up to any platform of your choice and start creating content, By by content, I mean talking about anything that interests you or talking about the latest news and gossip happening in the world.

Once you start getting listeners, you can go on and monetize it by promoting products or businesses and getting money out of it.

However, it is important to note that when you start, people might know that you have such a platform, so you have to first share it with people and encourage them to listen, and then from there, it will grow as long as you have something interesting to talk about.

Social media manager

Social media is now the lead advertising medium in todays world no doubt. It is because of this that almost all business and individuals who have anything to sell want to be on it.

This might be your opportunity to take advantage of the booming industry by helping people manage their accounts on the platforms.

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Becoming a social media manager doesn’t cost anything other than your time which you are already willing to offer for the job.

All you need to do as a social media manger is to help individual or business update their social media accounts on a daily or weekly basis depending on the agreement and also responding to inquiries about their services and replying to comments.

This is a very easy way to make money online from your home, since you are probably online anyways, so why not get paid for just doing a small job on it also.

Stock photographer

Taking picture in this day and age have become so easy and cheap that we forget how hard and tasking it used to be in the past days of films strips and negatives.

With just your mobile phone not even a camera set, you can start taking pictures today and sell them on stock photo websites.

There are many stock image sites out there like Getty images, iStock photos and many more that are allowing publishers/individual to post their photos on their website and these people get paid whenever someone else downloads the images for use.

Dog walking

Do walking is a businesses you can start with no Money

Pets have become a very essential part of many homes, and dogs are one of the most popular pets that most people have.

Becoming a dog walker is one of the many businesses you can start with no money, all you need to do is to walk a dog around the block and back to the owners house and you get paid for it.

And just incase you are wondering why will the owner not walk it be themselves? The answer is that some people are just too busy and don’t have the extra time to walk the dog out for exercise.

Thus, they are willing to pay any one who can fill that space for them, or perhaps they have been with dog all day and wanted to have some alone time and they need someone to take the dog out for a while for them to concentrate on something they are probably working on.

If you decide to go into this business, just know that the opportunity is endless because there are a lot of dog owners out there that need such services.

Personal Tutor

Tutoring is a job that will never go out of fashion because at every point in time people have to learn one skill or another.

Becoming a personal tutor is an easy way to rake in money on a constant basis, this is one of the good businesses you can start with no money. This can be from making money tutoring single person or even multiple people at the same time.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant is a nice quick way to make money with no money. To become a virtual assistant all you have to do is to register on any website that offer services to others and offer your skill.

This can be done online in a matter of minutes on websites like Upwork, Fiverr and many more market places like that.

On this websites you can offer to help people do any task online that they do not have the time or skill to do themselves, this could be ranging from photo editing, video editing, story writing, resumes writing and what ever can be don virtually and the interesting part is that you get to choose your rate as it pleases you.

Well, I hope that this post added value to you and that you learnt something from it, if you do have any other business you think I should add; please leave it in the comments section.

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