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Brad Lewis Daring Rescue Leaves Him with Serious Injuries After Saving Son

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In August 2018, Brad Lewis, a Sydney-based father of two, demonstrated the depths of a parent’s love by saving his eight-year-old son, Oscar, from a potentially fatal fall from a balcony. 

The incident occurred when Brad Lewis and Oscar were playing with a Nerf gun at a friend’s house. As they were enjoying their game, one of the darts flew over the first-floor balcony. Oscar, eager to retrieve the dart, ran towards the railing, but in a heart-stopping moment, he lost his balance and toppled over the edge.

Without hesitation, Brad’s parental instincts kicked in. He lunged forward, diving over the balcony in a desperate attempt to save his son. As they fell, Brad instinctively cradled Oscar to his chest, shielding him from the brunt of the impact. They landed with a thud on the concrete driveway below, 13 feet from the balcony.

The impact left Brad with a fractured skull, bruising, and a fractured vertebra, requiring six to twelve months of recovery. Miraculously, Oscar escaped with minor injuries, thanks to his father’s selfless act of protection.

Brad Lewis’s heroic actions garnered widespread attention and praise, earning him the title of “hero dad.” His story serves as a poignant reminder of the lengths to which parents will go to protect their children. It is a testament to the power of love and the unwavering bond between a father and his son.

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