19 Apr, 2024

I am not Cameroonian, I am French – Kylian Mbappe declares

Kylian Mbappe having face constant criticism for not choosing his home country of birth, but has rather continued to advance the French football from where he got opportunity to shine as a footballer, has has now now declared openly for the avoidance of doubt that he is French and not Cameroonian. Below is his reason […]

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Putin warns President Macron of a violent defeat if France sends troops to Ukraine

Russian President Putin warns French President Macron that any troops he sends to Ukraine will meet the same end as Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Armee, whose 1812 invasion of Russia ended in death and defeat. However, France has not yet sent troops to Ukraine, but there has been discussion about the possibility of Western countries, including […]

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Scholtz blasts Macron: ARE YOU CRAZY? Over NATO troops to Ukraine

NATO ARGUES OVER SENDING TROOPS TO UKRAINE NATO countries are divided over sending troops to Ukraine, with Poland’s President stating, ‘such decisions absolutely do not exist.’ According to AFP: Chancellor Scholtz rejected the idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine as the Kremlin warned it would lead to a war with every NATO country. Scholtz: […]

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What is Paris syndrome?

Paris syndrome is a psychological condition characterized by a sense of extreme disappointment and culture shock experienced by some individuals when visiting Paris, who feel that the city was not what they had expected.  The syndrome is characterized by several psychiatric symptoms such as acute delusional states, hallucinations, feelings of persecution, derealization, depersonalization, anxiety, and […]

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