Tesla Full Self Driving reactions by Tesla raj
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Tesla Full Self Driving reactions by Tesla raj

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Tesla Full Self Driving will be a game changer in the Automotive industry.

Tesla has often faced criticism for its Full Self Driving autonomous technology, as many says it’s taking it a long time to deliver.

Infact some have even said it couldn’t deliver, as other EV companies seems to be doing much better because they are already displaying their techs.

However, Elon Musk and Tesla is not one to fail to deliver on its promise, even though it might like in most cases fail to meet up the deadline, but it will eventually deliver.

As the company continues to wield it’s dominance in EV technology, it have released a beta of the Full Self Driving autonomous features on its vehicles.

Dangerously sleeping while driving at 140kmp/h in Tesla Model S, and this happened!

Tesla raj, was opportuned to have an early beta testing and have sheared his reactions.

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