What is Artificial Intelligence or Ai writer software
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What is Artificial Intelligence or Ai writer software

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Artificial intelligence or Ai writer software is simply a new age technology that can generate content based off of a writing program that scavenges the internet and comes up with ideas and related content quarries that is required by its user.

It is able to generate unique and human-like copy in most cases in seconds.

How do Ai writes work

The software itself does not have any content in itself but rather does a good job of crawling the internet and generating ideas or long form contents based off of other content ideas on the internet.

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However, because of the complexity of the programs, they are able to spin contents and rearrange words to make sure that they do not appear exactly as they have appeared somewhere else.

In other words, it is able to generate contents that are SEO optimised and plagiarism free.

Depending on the advanced nature of the program, it is also able to simulate the users writing pattern (in some cases) and use it to generate similar contents for the user, thereby saving time and resources for the user.

What are the benefits of Ai writer?

Ai tools helps boost traffic to blog posts in a short period of time

It saves time and effort in writing articles

It helps generates new writing ideas

It can craft unique and engaging content based off of what has worked for other blogs

What can you do with Ai content generators

Blog content

With Ai tools you can generate a quality long form content for a blog post in a short time without having to think and write for hours.

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Social media posts

With Ai tools you can generate titles, captions and tags for social media posts and also generate ads copy for Facebook or google easily within seconds.

Website copy and SEO

Ai content generator can also help to generate quality copy for landing pages, portfolio or business websites and also it can do this In an SEO friendly way.

Ecommerce copy

Ai writing software can also generate good copy for products for an ecommerce store i.e., on Shopify or woo commerce.

This tool can help find product name, descriptions and tags in seconds.

Which Ai tools is best for writing

Below I will like to give Ai writer reviews for some popular content generators;



·         Powered by Ai: The GPT-3 Ai language model

·         Powerful settings that can adjust the creative level or tone of voice to generate unique contents

·         It is optimised for conversion; it is able to writes attention grabbing contents

·         It has over 50+ tools that you can manipulate for better results

·         It has the ability to do a Grammar check and can rewrite any content that does not have good grammar structure

·         Sentence rewriter is also having a good feature that can take your sentence and restructure it in a completely unique and different way.

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·         Writes blog post, stories and even books easily

·         It writes using different writing skills all in one document, such as introduction tone or storytelling tone etc.

·         Keep team writer organised using its powerful folder features for clients and multiple projects

·         It is able to optimised content to rank for valuable keywords using its Surfer SEO integrations

·         It can write and translate to 25 different languages easily



·         Anyword generates effective copy for Ads, emails,

·         It writes good landing pages and content

·         It can generate captivating social media post

·         It can also generate YouTube titles and description



·         It has 25+ language translations

·         70+ Ai templates to make design easy

·         It has landing page generator

·         It has paraphrasing tools and text expander

·         Blog ideas and outline generator is inbuilt

·         It has zappier integrations and sonic editor



·         Writes well optimized blog contents

·         Writes converting sales copy

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·         Writes engaging social media content

·         Produces compelling ads and website copy



·         Rewrites sentences with ease

·         Ability to choose the right tone to match your subject matter

·         It can shorten or extends your text

·         It can rewrite an entire paragraph with ease

Other includes;

Ink for all

Grammarly Business





LongSHot Ai





Linquix Business



Text blaze

What are the benefits of Ai writer?

Some of the benefits of Ai tools amongst other things are;

·         Writing good content faster

·         To generate a lot of new ideas

·         Improve grammar skills and content writing style

Is Ai writers good for content creators?

Ai writers can be said to be good for content writers because they have the capacity to churn out content at a very fast rate compared to human writers, so to this end it is a good thing because it can help a content creator to produce new content in a short period of time.

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Although due to the fact that these are programs without any human feelings and emotions and thus, they can’t really have an opinion as a human will likely have, so it is important to understand that there will always be a difference in approach to content creation.

So, the best way around it is not to entirely leave the writing task to the Ai content generator both rather to always improve upon what content that has been generated by the Ai tool and make it more personal and give it a human touch of emotions and opinions when necessary.

But in general, it can go a long way in helping a content generator create more content fast and also generate a lot of new ideas quickly.

Which Ai tools is best for writing

So far according to popular reviews and experience Jasper is the best Ai writing software.

Jasper Ai writing tool can be said to be the best Ai content generator in the market right now. Although it comes with a price, it is worth the dollars as the best copywriting tool.

What is the best free Ai writer?

It is hard to say the best free Ai writing generator is any particular one, because in reality although most of the available tools in the market come with a free trial period and some even with a free user account, those free accounts can not get you as much value as the paid plans.

So, in the end it is better to actually subscribe to a plan and enjoy all the benefits and powerful tools inbuilt of those generators.

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 Is Javis Ai writer free?

This is a popular question so I want to quickly say that Javis which now known as Jasper is not a free tool, although you can try it for free for 5 days but after that period you will be required to upgrade to a paid plan.

The paid plans are:

Starter: $40 per moth

Boss Mode: $82 per month (most recommended)