9 Ways How to Promote Affiliate Products and Services
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9 Ways How to Promote Affiliate Products and Services

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In this post I will be looking at the different possible ways to promote affiliate products or services.

Affiliate marketing as I have talked about in previous post on “How to Start and Succeed in affiliate marketing” involves a company paying out commission to a third party for generated traffics or sales.

The different way to promote affiliate products or services includes the following;

Landing pages

Creating a landing page makes it easy for anyone who is into affiliate marketing to start getting sales.

With landing pages, you make a brief or detailed post about a product or service which you want to sell and the you attach the link to the product in the post.

The link attached will be your special affiliate link to the product or services.

Also, you can decide to only collect emails from the landing pages and later use the emails to market your desired affiliate product.

Social media (pages, profile and groups)

Using social media to promote an affiliate product is a very easy and also very effective.

To promote a product or service all you have to do is to get the special affiliate link to the product and them post it on your page.

When you post on twitter and Facebook you can just post the link even without an accompanying image, while for Instagram you definitely need to add an image or video,

I will suggest that you always add an image or video to your posts even though it’s on twitter or other social media platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, reddit etc.

 Posting on platforms like Facebook give you more options like posting to your profile feed directly or posting to a Facebook page or on a Facebook group.

For the purpose of getting more eyeballs and clicks on your link, you should post on all available channels that you have, but do not spam any group.

Advertisement (Ads)

Running Ads to is a very fast way of getting more traffic to your links.

However, this method comes with a cost when you make use of advertising platforms like google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

To promote an affiliate link to a site making use of paid Ads is very tricky and can cause your access to the affiliate program to be revoked.

Before you make use of paid Ads, always try to go through the affiliate program terms and conditions.

I discovered that some companies do not want other people to use their name to buy Ads, because it will end up driving up the difficulty level and cost for their keywords when they decide to run Ads.

If the company you are working with does not want its affiliates to run paid Ads, and you want to circumvent this term without been penalized.

If you decide to still go ahead and run Ads, then a good strategy will be to direct the Ads link to a landing page first and then from their send the visitors to the affiliate products or services.

I have found this method to work, but there are no guarantees that it will work well with your affiliate company.

So, if you can avoid it, please do so that you don’t end up wasting advertising dollar.

Use of Influencers

Influencers especially on social media, are now a quick way to promote products and services.

So, if you have an affiliate product you want to promote, you can also get traffic to the products or services making use of influencers.

All the influencer has to do is to attach your link to their bio (for Instagram or Tik Tok) and for others like twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc, they can post the link directly on their timeline with your required images or videos.

If you have been paying attention lately, you will agree that TikTok has been blowing up very fast and the rate of engagement and eyeball are insane compared to other platforms.

I will encourage you to give it a try if you are looking to make use of an influencer for any promotion.

Blog posts

Blogging is a very popular method of promoting affiliate products and services, because it gives you a larger space to write in details about the product.

Blogs just like a this one you are reading from www.mellonpost.com, is a more elaborate way to share your ideas, believes and business online with the general public.

Blogging can be a little bit challenging route to go through to promote your affiliate products.

This is because it takes time to skill to write a interesting blog post and more importantly to get people to visit you blog.

If you don’t want to or you don’t have the time and skill to write blog posts, then you can buy your way into a blog post.

You can simply contact the admin of any blog that you like and negotiate with them to add your link to their posts or to write a post for your product and then add your link to it.

As long as a blog has grown to the level of having lots of traffics, it will always be a good place to promote.

The audience demography for blogs are usually diverse and so you will always get people that will like the products or services that you are promoting.

Affiliate store

Affiliate store as the name implies, is a store that is dedicated to promote affiliate products or services.

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An affiliate store is an online store that is designed and filled with affiliate products that are linked back to the main affiliate sites.

Each product will be linked back to the original product and so when someone clicks on either the product image or link, they will be redirected with your special affiliate link to the affiliate product.

I personally have an affiliate store, but the truth is that it is very tedious to maintain.

Whenever, the parent site changes the link to a product you also have to change yours, else the link on your affiliate site will lead to an error page when clicked.

However, there are couple of plugins that are now available to help the synching of affiliate products to the main site like eBay and AliExpress and it will automatically update the links on a regular basis.

WhatsApp and Telegram channels

WhatsApp and Telegram are social messaging platforms that are very popular and widely used by many people around the world.

Because of their low data requirement these platforms have become very handy and one of the most common apps on people’s phones.

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To take advantage of this opportunity is to leverage the contacts that you already have on your phones.

And also, by joining many WhatsApp groups and telegram channels as possible that are of interest to you.

You can either create your own group and add people to it or you just join an already flourishing groups, there are so many groups to join, but just stick to the relevant ones.

After joining theses groups the next step will be to contribute positively to whatever the topic is on the groups and by so doing you will be providing value.

After establishing yourself as a credible and valuable person, then you can now start promoting your affiliate products.

You can promote your affiliate product by telling people that this is the business that you do and if they want to support you they should buy products with your link.

It is important that you always provide value first to prove your credibility otherwise you may be seen as spamming the group and the admin can kick you out.

This method works well for both the WhatsApp groups or Telegram channels; however, Telegram channels have more capacity and can potentially have a higher number of people in them.

Also, you can post items or links to your stories so that your contacts can see them and possibly click to buy the items,

Email marketing

Email is one way with which you can promote affiliate products and services.

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To make use of the Email route, you have to insert your affiliate link in the email newsletter and send it out to your email list.

To get email list, you can simply create a landing page and then funnel people from your social media page, blog or through paid Ads to join your mailing list.

If you don’t want to create a funnel to get emails, then you can go ahead to buy an email list from any blog site that is related to your product and has an email newsletter subscription.

SMS marketing

SMS is also a good way of promoting affiliate links that many people do not use.

Although SMS is very effective and there is a very high chance that people will always see it and most likely open it, it tends to be expensive.

The major concern about this channel is the high amount charged by network providers.

The expensive cost of sending SMS from different networks has discouraged marketer from making use of this method, but if you can afford it then go for it.

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To make use of the SMS the best way is to send it in bulk using different available services online that offer bulk SMS at a bargain.

Depending on your country or region, you can go online and search for bulk SMS providers online and you will see the ones available to you.

One of the beauties of these platforms, is that they also offer active numbers of people using different networks and that are located in different regions.

This service is great because with it you can focus your promotion on a particular region or state so as to manage your advertising cost effectively.

Finally, I believe if you can carefully apply any of this method or a combination of them, that you will have a successful affiliate business.

Good Luck!

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