Benefits of obtaining a green card through marriage
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Benefits of obtaining a green card through marriage

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The following are some of the benefits of obtaining a green card through marriage

1. Legal Permanent Residency

Green card holders enjoy the privilege of residing and working anywhere in the United States legally. This status provides stability and security, allowing them to establish roots and pursue their career aspirations without the fear of being uprooted due to immigration issues.

2. Travel

Green card holders have the flexibility to travel internationally and within the United States without the constraints of visa restrictions. This freedom facilitates family visits, business trips, and leisure travel, enhancing overall quality of life and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

3. Sponsorship

As a green card holder through marriage, you can extend the benefits of permanent residency to your immediate family members by sponsoring them for their green cards. This enables spouses and dependent children to join and remain with their loved ones in the United States, thereby fostering family unity and cohesion.

4. Citizenship

Marriage to a U.S. citizen opens the pathway to U.S. citizenship. After three years of marriage, green card holders are eligible to apply for naturalization, granting them full participation in the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, including voting in elections and holding public office.

5. Political Rights 

While green card holders cannot vote in federal, state, or local elections, they can actively engage in politics through various means such as advocacy, campaigning, and community involvement. This participation allows individuals to contribute to shaping public policies and advocating for issues that affect their communities.

6. Employment 

Green card holders have access to a wide range of employment opportunities, including government positions requiring specific security clearances. This opens doors to lucrative career paths and professional advancement, enhancing economic stability and prosperity.

7. Protection 

Obtaining a green card through marriage provides protection from deportation and enables individuals to maintain their legal permanent residency status. This security safeguards against the uncertainties and disruptions associated with immigration enforcement actions, ensuring peace of mind and continuity in one’s life and career.

8. Adjustment of Status 

Marriage-based green card applicants may be eligible to adjust their status in the United States, even if they have overstayed their visa or are out of status. This process streamlines the path to legal residency and minimizes the risk of deportation, providing a lifeline for individuals navigating complex immigration challenges.

9. No Need for Employer Sponsorship

Unlike employment-based green cards, marriage-based green card applicants do not require sponsorship from a U.S. employer. This eliminates the need to secure a job offer or meet specific employment criteria, offering greater flexibility and autonomy in pursuing immigration benefits.

10. Family Benefits

In addition to spouses, unmarried children under 21 years old can also qualify for green cards as derivative beneficiaries of the marriage-based green card application. This provision promotes family reunification and ensures that dependent children can accompany their parents to the United States, where they can access educational and other opportunities.

11. Access to Healthcare and Social Security Benefits

Once a marriage-based green card is obtained, the foreign national spouse gains access to various rights and benefits, including healthcare coverage and eligibility for Social Security benefits. This enhances the overall well-being and financial security of the immigrant spouse and their family members, promoting integration and prosperity within the U.S. society.

It’s crucial to emphasize that obtaining a green card through marriage should be based on genuine love and commitment, rather than solely for immigration purposes. Engaging in fraudulent marriages for immigration benefits can have serious legal consequences, including deportation and permanent inadmissibility. Therefore, couples should approach the immigration process with honesty, integrity, and respect for the laws and values of the United States.

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