17 Apr, 2024

US Judge grants illegal immigrants right to carry guns

Illegal immigrants can now carry guns, a federal judge has ruled. At this point, it seems like illegals have as many rights as US citizens but without even half the responsibilities. U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman has ruled that an illegal immigrant’s Second Amendment rights were violated when he was charged with unlawfully possessing […]

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The requirements for an employment based green card

To obtain a green card through employment, there are specific requirements and processes to follow. Here is an overview of the employer sponsored green card: Requirements for Obtaining a Green Card Through Employment: 1. Employment-Based Categories: 2. Documentation: Process for Obtaining a Green Card Through Employment: 1. Labor Certification (PERM):    Employers must obtain a labor […]

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The difference between a conditional and unconditional green card

The main difference between a conditional and unconditional green card is the duration of their validity. A conditional green card is valid for two years. While an unconditional green card is valid for ten years. Conditional green cards are issued to individuals who have been married for less than two years at the time of […]

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The purpose of Form I-130a in the immigration process

Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary, plays a crucial role in the immigration process by gathering additional background information about the alien spouse seeking to immigrate to the United States based on marriage.  This form collects details such as the spouse beneficiary’s address and employment history for the last five years, their last physical […]

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Benefits of obtaining a green card through marriage

The following are some of the benefits of obtaining a green card through marriage 1. Legal Permanent Residency Green card holders enjoy the privilege of residing and working anywhere in the United States legally. This status provides stability and security, allowing them to establish roots and pursue their career aspirations without the fear of being […]

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The Complete Process Of How to Get An American Green Card

The process of obtaining a Permanent Resident Card or as it is popularly called an American Green Card in the United States can be complex and very depending on your eligibility category.  There are several processes to obtain a green card in the United States, each with its pros and cons. Some of the most […]

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