Top 7 Platforms to Buy Cryptocurrency From Easily
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Top 7 Platforms to Buy Cryptocurrency From Easily

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In this post, I will be sharing with you 7 Platforms to buy cryptocurrency from easily if you want to get into crypto trading.


Coinbase Homepage
Coinbase homepage

Coinbase is one of the biggest and most popular crypto trading platforms in the United states that supports hundreds of digital currencies and altcoins.

Since launch in 2012 Coinbase has continued to witness a great amount of growth and has also recently been listed as a publicly traded company under the name of Coinbase Global Inc (COIN)

The Coinbase platform is very robust and can meet the needs of many crypto enthusiasts because it has a robust infrastructure for buying, trading, earning and storing cryptocurrency.

The platform is beginners friendly and easy to navigate, however, it also has a more advanced option for Pro and more experience traders.

According to the company it has its presence in over 100 countries and close to 100 million verified users, with over 11,000 institutional adoptions.

If you are looking for an easy way to get into crypto you can check out Coinbase.


Robinhood Homepage
Robinhood Homepage

Robinhood is a brokerage platform that has been around for some time, but not until 2018 did the company join the crypto space making it very easy for people to buy cryptocurrency.

It has since then continued to develop the crypto space in on the platform to be able support most of the popular coins.

So far it supports about 7 cryptocurrencies and this includes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin SV.

The app is very user friendly and very appealing to new users who are looking to dive into the crypto space.

However, the app gained a lot of popularity because it has no commission fees for trading but users only pay an order flow fee which varies by trade.

This feature is a unique selling proposition for Robinhood, given that other platforms charge a lot of fees for trading.

The app also supports the purchase of stocks, ETFs and other options, you can start investing with as little as $1 and with no minimum deposit.

In a bid to ensure security of its user assets, the platform keeps its coins secured through a combination of hot storage (online) and cold storage (offline)


 Binance Homepage
Binance Homepage

Binance is the currently the largest crypto exchange platform in the world by volume where you can buy cryptocurrency.

The company is ranked number one because as at the time of this writing this article it is currently doing over 13B transactions daily, with close to 22m visits per day according to Coinmarketcap.

Coinmarketcap Ranking

The company has over the years made its platform very easy to use and they are still currently moving things around on the app, to make sure that they increase the ease of using the platform.

On the platform you can buy and sell crypto, Trade options, Margins and Futures.

One of the features that I believe made the platform very popular and widely accepted is the P2P feature, where users are able to buy and sell crypto to others on the platform easily.

This feature is widely used by many people because the platform offers a wide variety of fiat currencies, so you can easily buy crypto from someone in your locality using your own local currency.

They offers hundreds of different cryptocurrencies and fiat pairs on the platform and also they are adopting new projects on a regular basis.

You can literarily trade major pairs of cryptocurrencies with new alternative coins with easy and also you can convert from any coin to the one you prefer without any hitch.

It also has a very low trading fee and intuitive charting tools, so many day trader like making use of it.

If you are a newbie, you can also learn about crypto trading and blockchain on the Binance Academy with short videos that makes learning easy and fun.

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However, due to regulations, the Company has a separate platform for the US lone known as Binance US.


Gemini Homepage
Gemini Homepage

Gemini is a company that was founded by the Winklevoss twins who initially had the idea of Facebook before Mark Zuckerberg ran with it.

After years of legal battles, Mark Zuckerberg later settled the brothers with a large sum of money, and with part the money they started their journey in the crypto space and that is how Gemini came about in 2014.

So far, the exchange platform is one of the most trusted names in the crypto exchange space where you can buy cryptocurrency, because it prides it self as been very compliant with the Security and exchange compliance.

Initially it offered majorly Bitcoin and Ethereum, but over time it has added more and now allows its users to trade up to 70 other cryptos like Tezos, Terra and other fiat backed stable coins.

Because the company is a fiduciary, it takes security very important and is subject to cyber security audits.

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As part of its security strategies, the company holds most of the coins on the exchange on a cold storage and while those held online on the exchange wallets are insured.

If you are really worried about security of your crypto assets been on exchanges, then you better check out Gemini and also they give New US customers who sign up $7 in ETH after they onboard.


FTX Homepage
FTX Homepage

FTX is a relatively fast-growing US regulated exchange platform where you can buy cryptocurrency easily.

It has millions of users and is very popular among crypto traders because it was specifically built for trader by traders.

However, because many exchanges have high trading fees, the company made sure to entice it users by offering a discount to users who hold and stake its own token known as FTT.

So, the more FTT you hold, the more discount you are likely to get on the FTX trading fees. The strategy is on the other hand helping to build adoption for its token (FTT) and also strengthening its Blockchain.

In addition to having a strong crypto exchange platform, the company has also dabbled into the NFT space, by proving a platform for its users to be able to create, buy and sell nonfungible tokens.


Kraken Homepage
Kraken Homepage

Kraken is one of kind crypto trading platform that has established a high trust level in the crypto world.

Since its creation in 2011, the exchange has continued to advance it features, even though it makes a good place for beginners’ crypto traders, it also has an advanced technology that caters for professional traders.

The Krakens Pro site has a very robust infrastructure and features that makes it very appealing to advanced and Institutional trader who have interest in trading margins and futures.

The company prides itself in building its platform from grounds up and because of that they were able to infuse many layers of security to ensure a secured transaction and protection the user’s assets.

More so, the exchange is also able to support other third-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading through its own APIs.

If you are looking for a fast and robust technology that is able to scale with ease and maintain speed to facilitate any order execution at all times, you should check out Kraken.


Kucoin Homepage
Kucoin Homepage

Kucoin is a very popular crypto exchange platform where you can buy cryptocurrency and it prides itself as the number 1 altcoin exchange in the world.

With its over 10 million investors, 500+ coins, $800 billion accumulated trading volume and presence in over 200 countries, Kucoin is the largest social trading crypto platform.

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Even though its trading volume is not close to that of Binance, it still has a lot of popularity among crypto traders.

Kucoin provides a secure platform for trading and investment of not just the popular crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the rest, but also many other altcoins and very recently meme coins too like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and others.

The platform is very easy to use and also offers very low trading fees in the crypto space.

On the app, you can buy crypto with your Visa or Mastercard or making use of USDT. It also offers P2P transactions making it easy to use bank transfer with 20+ currency options.

Third party services like Banxa, Simplex and BTCDirect are also usable on the platform.

On the trading aspect, Kucoin offers Spot Trading, Margin Trading, Derivatives, Trading Bots and an exclusive API privileges for its users.

With the trading Bots, you can earn profits from trades without even monitoring the market.

The platform also makes it easy to lend out crypto to earn interest, and if you hold its KCS token you will get bonus rewards.

So far these are the top 7 platforms where you can easily buy, trade and invest in crypto either as a newbie or professional.

Good Luck.